5 Steps to control your digital media in the search engines

Many digital media agencies will tell you that managing all of your online properties is a daunting and time consuming task.  I’m writing this for the small business owner wearing a ton of hats who really doesn’t know where to start when it comes to posting engaging content on their twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin or any other property they have. 

In a sense, many of these large marketing agencies are correct.  If you don’t have the right strategy to managing your content effectively your online properties become as empty as the gym on a Saturday night.  But doesn’t this take a ton of time?  How can you find good content to share?  Let me give you a little inside look to what these digital agencies are doing to manage hundreds of client online properties with only a few employees. 

1. They use a very affordable software solution. 

There are many affordable software solutions you can use to manage online real estate and post articles to all at once.  One of them is Buffer  With Buffer you can choose a topic, find an article you like, and post it too all connected accounts simultainiously!  How simple is that!?  No need to run around looking for logins to 10 different profiles, it does all the work for you. 

2. You can line up posts for the future.

If you have some spare time at the beginning of the month you can take a few hours and line up 30 posts, one for each day, that you don’t even have to write.  This is extremely simple and will end up saving you a ton of time and money.  Instead of paying thousands for someone to manage your social media you can do it all for a few bucks and a couple hours a month. 

3. Embed your own videos to help get more engagement

Everyone loves to have their youtube video watched and it also helps rank it in the search engines.  London Ontario search engine optimization is quite competitive for many industries and you want to have the best chance possible to help you generate more targeted traffic from Google. 

4. You can actually add call to actions on curated articles.

How would you like to add your call to action to an article written by Huffington post?  Well with Sniply you can do that for free!  Simply create a free account and make a simple campaign to generate your very own CTA at the bottom of the page.  This free trick has helped thousands of bloggers and businesses generate more free targeted buyers.

5. Run a simple retargeting campaign.

Once you have an automatic social media campaign going across all of your properties, it’s time to run some retargeting.  This will give you the ability to show laser targeted ads to people who have already visited your website.  Facebook has a simple pixel that you can install on your website to create a retargeting campaign.  This may seem intimidating and if you want to outsource it you can find someone to do it for cheap. 

Still feel like managing 10 social media pages is difficult?  Chances are by spending less time mangaging social media and more time dealing with clients who are actually interested you will generate 10 times the ROI on your time.  This is something that Aston over at www.ajsseo.com knows well.  He can help you set this whole campaign up for cheap and also get you on the right path for ranking your website in the search engines to ensure that you are generating the most high quality traffic possible. 

Give him a call to discuss setting up a self managed social media plan.  He’s not like the big agencies who charge thousands for a little bit of work.  He will point you in the right direction and most importantly get your properties on the way to ranking in the search engines.